7 Tell-Tale Signs it's Time for Camper AC Repair Tampa

October 6, 2021

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Scheduling camper AC repair in Tampa at the first sign of damage ensures you stay cool and comfortable during the state’s hot and humid summers. Timely repairs can also prevent that damage from getting worse, saving you money in the long run!

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Unfortunately, some RV owners put off needed camper AC repair in Tampa until the last minute, often overlooking signs of developing damage. To ensure your air conditioner is always functioning efficiently and is ready to perform when needed, check out these 7 signs that it’s time to call for camper AC repair.

1. Weak Airflow? Schedule Camper AC Repair in Tampa

When you start to notice a weak airflow coming from your camper’s AC, it’s time to schedule repairs or maintenance. An air conditioner uses a compressor to remove heat from the air, and then a blower circulates that air back through your camper.

If the blower starts to fail, air from the air conditioner might be cool but the airflow then weakens. Don’t simply turn the AC up higher but schedule repairs for the appliance instead!

2. Don’t Overlook Strange Sounds From the AC

As an air conditioner starts to break down, it might start to whine, grind, or make other odd and unusual sounds. These sounds can indicate a blower struggling to work, worn parts, loose parts rubbing against each other, or a buildup of dust and other debris inside the unit. Scheduling timely repairs can prevent those parts from wearing out completely and other otherwise avoidable damage.

3. Odd Smells Mean It’s Time for Camper AC Repair in Tampa

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Unpleasant smells from a camper AC can indicate mold growth, mildew inside the unit, parts wearing down so they’re creating a burning smell and even electrical problems! Addressing these issues at the first sign of damage can keep those repairs from getting more costly while ensuring your AC is functioning properly and ready to keep you cool.

4. Schedule Repairs for Incorrect Cycling

Your air conditioner’s cycling, meaning when it turns on and off, should be dictated by the temperature set on the thermostat. Poor-quality wiring, worn-out parts, and other issues can cause the AC to cycle on or off too quickly, or run longer than it should.

If you notice that your camper never seems to cool but the air conditioner cycles off anyway, this can indicate an AC that isn’t communicating properly with the thermostat. If the AC continues to run long after the interior feels cool, and the problem persists no matter how much you adjust the thermostat, it probably needs new wiring or other repairs! Scheduling timely fixes can address these issues and keep the appliance functioning as it should.

5. Don’t Ignore Drips From or Around the Air Conditioner Unit!

Air conditioners will have condenser drains or hoses that empty condensation. If this hose is damaged or clogged, you might soon see drips coming from or around the air conditioner!

Ignoring drips from a camper AC is especially dangerous, as this can lead to holes or other damage around the RV ceiling or wood rot of its framing. Don’t ignore these or just clean them up but have the AC checked for blocked condensation drains and other damage.

6. It’s Cold But Clammy In Your Rig

Air conditioners remove humidity as well as heat. A malfunctioning air conditioner might cycle off too quickly, so that it cools the space but doesn’t remove trapped humidity inside your camper.

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In turn, you might notice a cool or cold but clammy feeling inside your camper. If this happens, don’t assume that it’s to be expected because of the state’s high humidity levels but schedule an inspection for needed Tampa camper AC repair.

7. Spiked Electric Bills Might Indicate Needed AC Repair

If you’re staying at an RV park that doesn’t include your electric costs in their lot rent, try to keep track of your charges from one month to the next. Note if you see a sudden or prolonged spike that isn’t due to running appliances more often, or a utility rate hike.

When an air conditioner struggles to work, it might draw more power as the appliance pushes a worn motor or fan to operate. In turn, your electric costs might then spike, even if you’re not using the air conditioner more often and your utility rates haven’t increased. Needed repairs or a tune-up can reduce that energy usage and your costs overall.

Tampa Mobile RV Repair is happy to offer this information about camper AC repair in Tampa. If you found it helpful, please share it with family and friends or on social media! For expert AC repairs to your camper or motor home, call our trusted Tampa mobile RV repair contractors. We ensure fast response times and quality services, so don’t hesitate to contact us for all your mobile RV repair needs!

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